Friday, May 1, 2015

catching up : : creating

oh my! do i ever LOVE making a mess on this new desk of mine.

a little of what's been going on here:

  • newspaper flowers... my sister plans to have them at her wedding this summer and so i have been messing around here and there with some ideas. the ones pictured above are my very first attempt... but with the guidance and inspiration of this book... i can't wait to move forward... just need to order some supplies (although i do have a feeling it will be MUCH harder than it looks).
  • my honey bun poufs (amy butler pattern)... finally making progress again... i am making four and so cutting out all of the fabric for FOUR  of them was a boring and tedious task. after that i committed to working on one at a time which has really helped. i cut out the thirty pieces of batting for this one pouf. i basted thirty pieces of batting to thirty pieces of corduroy. i trimmed the batting on thirty wedges. now i am finally to the fun part which should go very quick... assembly!!! i also think finally having a finished pouf will really inspire me to get through the dull part on the rest of them.
  • carving again. that moth is a gift and one of geninne's designs from her book making an impression (where i learned to carve). i will also be starting on a very exciting stamp project soon... it should be my first commission as an artist. a small but exciting turn that makes me smile whenever i think of it. also... it's not that i wouldn't have been paid sooner.... everyone who has requested a stamp has offered to pay... it is just the first time that i said "yes, you may pay me." so i am proud of myself, i suppose.
  • that big pile of ribbon is the start of a banner... have you seen them? take a look here or here... i have seen some that i like much better on pinterest, but it still gives you an idea... and they are sooo simple. 

well, this was my last "catching up" post... and although it feels a bit silly to "catch up" with four little projects... it feels good too. i feel like i can move forward now... and have i mentioned how good it feels to be sharing again?? :)
 i love this community.

 thank you for catching up with me friends.


Kim said...

Love all the creative stuff happening in your home. The banner is great, we made one a few years ago with fabric scrapes for our front porch, it was so pretty blowing in the breeze.

Happy weekend!

amanda said...

it all looks so great and I'm proud of you for allowing someone to compensate you for your beautiful creations!

happy May!

Cassadie said...

Ahhh, I need to get my sewing mojo back! Those sweet little blond heads and piles of in progress crafts are pretty inspiring.

jenny said...

thank you :)
kim- ah! fabric scraps... will have to try that... so many fun possibilities! and i found using the ribbon to be a bit pricier than expected.
amanda- happy may to you friend :) thank you. i am proud too. it was a step that i needed to take. i was getting to the point where i didn't want to do it anymore. and this gets me excited all over again.
cassadie- thank you! so happy to inspire :) i love seeing other peoples piles of progress for the same reason. good luck with that mojo... i've noticed the best way for me to get it back is to just dive in :)

Yanic said...

So many amazing and beautiful things happening in your home. I need to try my hand at creating stamps. Always wanted to...

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