Friday, May 22, 2015

here we are again

it's that time of year again...
that time where i start thinking (and planning) what i want to get out of my summer.
i'm starting to think that the "planning" that i do is a huge mistake, i always end up a bit sad (and stressed) when my plans go astray... which they always do... or when a month on the calendar is completely filled before i even turn the page. sigh.
yet on the other hand, having an idea of what i want out of each season does help me stay focused and i at least make a few steps towards whatever the current want may be.

i am really hoping that this is the year i find the balance.

a balance seeing family and friends while still having some quiet "just home" days all while checking just a couple of things off of that "only while the weather's nice" to-do list and preserving the fruits of the season and celebrating three birthdays.... see what i'm saying? 
too much.

do you have any advice for me friends?
how do you get the most out of your summer?
do you plan? do you not?

my first thought is less planning... i'm avoiding adding anything to the calendar months july and august until we reach them. also, if things start to stack up maybe i will "plan" a quiet week here and there where we do nothing (well, the stay home and work on projects kinda nothing).

either way.... i am so excited for summer.
warm long days, a care free schedule, ripe berries and garden veggies, river and beach days, camping, painting projects, the list of exciting things to do in three short months goes on and on
.... and it's almost here.


Carlin said...

I'm in the exact same spot, I always think the summer is longer than it is - so this year we've planned very little. Lately, I've been writing everything on a paper calendar so that I can see it - and it's been easier for me to see when the scales are tipping. I need to see a certain amount of white space. Good luck! :) Great photos!

Kim said...

We are sinking into our summer, and leaving the calendar pretty open. There are a few friends coming to visit for a couple of night here and there, and a day trip here or there, but other than that you will find us in the garden, swinging in the hammock, playing, or hiking in the woods :)

Good luck with your summer planning, or not planning :)

Enjoy your weekend.

amanda said...

this summer is filling up more than previous summers, and so I'm aiming to not add any more big trips. we have a trip north planned to go meet a new babe in a few weeks, and then all should be fairly quiet until late July when we'll head up to Maine for a week and then to NJ for a week. Like Carlin, I want to see loads of white space on the calendar. I do however like to have a short list (often just in my mind, but writing it down seems a better plan to me) of things (usually small things) that I want to remember to fill some of those fleeting summer days with- for inspiration, for motivation..... for me it's not so much the planning that ends up getting me down int he end, but the expectations. working on letting go of those ;)

Summer said...

Oh I so know how that goes! I'm a planner as well and I often get discouraged if my "plans" for "the perfect summer" don't go as planned. All three of our birthdays are this summer as well, so there's that, plus a trip to Boston to meet Ellie's new cousin plus some day trips I'd like to take. We will see... Loving your sweet photos. It's definitely looking like summer out your way with all that green!!

Yanic said...

I'm not a planner... not for the last few years anyway. All the lifestyle changes we've made pretty much keep us close to home now in summer. We tend to travel more in winter. We have a small vacation planned at the end of summer, but that is pretty much it. Everything else is "as-it-comes' so to speak. Like you, I used to make list and get so stressed about not following through. Our personal vow of simplicity has taken us away from that. We still have a tendency to get over excited about projects for the homestead, but we are very much home bodies now. I hope your summer is all you want it to be!

jenny said...

thank you so much for all of the inspiration friends :) i love your beautiful thoughts on this. i plan to create (and keep) more white space in my calendar. i am starting to come up with some plans to do so.

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