Friday, May 8, 2015

spring things

i am working on some spring stamps.
i think i need to make more flowers and also a bird.
birds, bees, and flowers... oh sweet spring.

also, i'm pondering cutting off that little petal hanging down at the base of the flower there... 
what do you think?

in love with this necklace from sevenly. have you heard of them? they have t-shirts, prints, and other stuff (like this necklace) all with pretty fantastic messages.... and $7 from every purchase goes towards their chosen charity of the week. every week a new charity, and constantly new products.

there has been a lot of mountain bike racing going on here. i made it to the last race and finally got some photos and video of my trio of bikers. the little guy on the left is my son. he was the only ten year old to do the ten mile race. i am so proud. i will share more on this exciting experience in it's own post.

everything is so beautiful around here right now.
so very green and full of growth.

i am doing my best to soak up every bit of peace in the midst of our usual chaos.
spring certainly helps... with this glowing light and growth it brings... but it is still too chilly for my liking. i am ready for some serious warmth. i have been cold for almost three seasons now and feel so ready for the heat of summer. almost there.


stephinie said...

I thought the petal was a stem...... I am so in love with your stamp making skills! xo

Kim said...

Beautiful flower stamp, and I think, yes, cut off the bottom petal.

Mountain bike racing, how fun! I can just imagine how proud you are of your son.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Happy Mother's Day!

Carlin said...

I actually love the flower just as it is. What a fantastic tree you guys have there for climbing. Have a great weekend!

amanda said...

I too thought the petal was a stem- and I like as is but think if you prefer it without that petal it would look great that way, too!

that jewelry company sounds great, and mountain bike races, wow!

hoping yo get your warmer days soon :)

Cassadie said...

Looking forward to hearing more about the bike racing (10 years old and 10 miles!?). I am with you on the cold. I keep threatening to build a fire while my husband is trying to convince me that 62 degrees is an acceptable living room temperature. I say bring on the summer!

jenny said...

thank you so much for your comments! i love reading your thoughts and connecting with you. now i want to come take a peek at what all of you are up to! :)

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