Wednesday, June 10, 2015

home, away, and home... these crazy busy days

it seems as though all of this was forever ago now...
amazing how a few short weeks can feel like forever...
but there has been crafting, work in our outdoor spaces, and another mountain bike race.
soccer season just ended. the school year is coming to a close. there has been a lot of involvement in my sister's wedding which should be slowing down here soon.
i truly appreciate all of the advice that was left in the comments of my last post.
all of your beautiful thoughts really got me thinking about our schedule and what it is that i really want. i certainly see more "white space" in my calendar future.

i hope to visit you all in your spaces very soon. i miss the inspiration and your lovely stories.
 very soon.


Yanic said...

I feel you on the extra busy days... I wish for you a calmer summer ahead. Maybe if you get really good at it, you can slip me some of your new found wisdom cause it seems like I'm just horrible at it. So many great intentions... but so much to do. But everyone keeps telling me : Learn to take time for yourself, learn to say no". Not so easy huh?

Your bee stamp and your embroidery are simply gorgeous BTW!

Kim said...

So happy to see you in your space. Your world looks full, and wonderful, and it looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.

White space on the calender, I have a lot of that, and I work very hard at keeping it that way. I think white space kinda scares people, especially in our world right now, when busy is glorified.

I hope you can find the balance with it all, and find some of that white space over the summer. Enjoy!


jenny said...

it is a bit of a battle to keep it isn't it kim? crazy! i remember when i used to have too much white space and felt a bit lonely... now i wish for those days again.

yanic, my intentions never get me where i want to go :( it's a crazy struggle. i feel i learn something each year but summer is such a crazy time!! i'm glad to hear i'm not the only one!! although i feel for you, wishing you white space as well :)

amanda said...

looks like a lot of goodness! have a nice time settling in and finding those moments of calm when you can~

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