Friday, August 28, 2015

wedding invitation stamp set

my cousin came to me with the idea for this set.
 she is helping a friend make her wedding invitations and they had found an idea that they wanted to go from. a brown craft paper card with a picture of some aged wooden boards (aged blue paint-looked like blue wood grain, nails) then there was a beautiful scroll in each corner, it was tied up with a lace ribbon, and had a purple paper flower and a peacock feather in the middle. 
she said she wasn't quite sure how they were going to do the wooden board picture and then she thought maybe i could make a stamp of it.
i loved the idea. i knew it would be a challenge, but decided to try. i came up with a rough sketch at the beginning of summer and i believe i shared that here. then another busy summer hit and it was very hard to find steady time to work on it. 
... or at least that is what i told myself...
there came a point were i realized i was making excuses because i was really nervous about this project. that was the point were i stopped everything and got to work. because we can't let fear get in the way of our creativity, right? right.
once i got started i was so happy with the way it came together. i am also so thankful that my cousin brought me this challenge... this idea... something i never would have come up with on my own. this is also the first stamp that i accepted a monetary exchange for and that felt like a nice change (although, i think that is where some of the nerves came in). i also realized that doing a proper monetary exchange for a project of this size seems somewhat unrealistic. i spent $30 myself between materials and shipping. then there were so many hours logged designing, scaling, and carving. to get a honest exchange for my time i feel i would need to charge anywhere from $80-$100 for a project like this... but that just seems crazy... they're stamps. anyway, that aspect makes me very glad that i am still at an experimental point. 
my big project is complete, i am very happy with it, and that feels wonderful.


amanda said...

they are beautiful!! nice work, Jenny!

Holly said...

"[B]ecause we can't let fear get in the way of our creativity, right?" RIGHT! Well put, Jenny. The project is super awesome. As usual, I'm impressed. ;)

jenny said...

oh, thank you holly! thank you amanda! finishing this project really lifted a weight off of my shoulders, and now i need to do something for me :)

mb said...

i am so glad i just wandered through all of your stamp making posts this morning because i've been waiting for inspiration to strike for what to do for wedding invitations... and it needed to strike promptly because july is coming quickly! lol so i'm just thrilled i came across this! this gives me such great ideas. xoxoxo

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