Friday, September 25, 2015

signs of seasonal change

foggy farm mornings...

all of this produce has been tended to now... and the preserving is starting to wind down... we are just left with the last of the apple harvest (apples are my favorite... well... once you get past the picking).

i've been reading this here and there for months now. it was hard to get into at first because it jumps back and forth through a town's worth of characters, but i am finally getting lost in it and loving it.

and every book is brightened by my favorite book mark from summer

we have been litter box training our bunny and having him in the house quite a bit. did you know that you can litter box train bunnies? i didn't. it is easy too! similar to a cat so far. i guess the trick is getting him neutered right before his hormones get wacky. that is the conclusion i've come to from my recent research anyway. he is so sweet.

waiting for the bus. we had some bus confusion in that first week, but everything is going quite smoothly now.

she came out bare foot and i sent her back for shoes (and pants).... pouty face.

in the beginning school started, and everything was quiet and calm for a bit and i thought "oh yes, i can do this". then preschool started... then soccer started... then volleyball started... and suddenly life is crazy all over again. i am enjoying it though. i actually started this particular post about a week ago and then never quite finished it.... so i thought i would finish it up now and post it... although it really doesn't feel finished... which is why i didn't post it to start with. sometimes i think if i don't post the random little bits like this that i would never post anything (and that may be better), but i do have plans to post some (hopefully) more interesting bits soon... as in this weekend soon. 


Yanic said...

Oh my, you do sound busy... glad you are still finding joy in it though. Look at all the goodness ready to be preserved. We are picking the last this week-end. We are close to freezing at night again. How quickly the time has gone by, but I welcome the change.

Have a wonderful week-end! xo

jenny said...

wow! we are still aways from freezing temperatures (which is great, because we are not ready), but i too am really welcoming the change.

Summer said...

Aww, I love that my bookmark is getting such good use still! Looks very fallish in your parts!!

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