Saturday, October 31, 2015

a big weekend

this was actually last weekend... but i had SO many photos.
so i thought i would share some of them and a sort little run down of this crazy busy weekend we had.

friday morning ollie and i joined eislee's class for a field trip to a pumpkin patch over in the valley. it was a blast. one of the best patches that i have been to in the area. in case any locals are interested the place is called "airlie hills farm" in monmouth. 

saturday started early with a volleyball tournament (who knew that volleyball would have 3-5 hours of games every. single. weekend. ack!), then a soccer game, back to the house for dinner and then off to a haunted house with the big kids. our local aquarium has a haunted house every year... a pretty scary one... and my big kids have been begging to go for the last three years. last year i said "okay, next year i will take you"... well, they were not going to let me forget. 
so, we went, took some of their friends, and had an absolute blast.

then sunday... my in-laws drove over from the valley on saturday with 28 boxes of apples that they had picked from their own orchard, and we pressed 24 boxes into cider on sunday (i saved a few for saucing). 

it was one crazy, amazing weekend.


amanda said...

wow! that's a whole lotta fall fun and a WHOLE lot of apples! I bet you're glad all that work is about done, and you can bask in the satisfaction of having done it and having all that goodness lining your shelves for the coming months :)

jenny said...

yes!!! it always feels so good when it's done, and with all the help we had it went so fast and so smooth!

Yanic said...

Oh my goodness, that pumpkin patch reminds me of ours... It looks like so much fun! We end up going several times over the course of the season, just to play in the games and have fun running around. As always, your pictures are vibrant!

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