Saturday, October 17, 2015

in the thick of it

i carved a pumpkin/jack o' lantern stamp collection. if you follow me on instagram you will know that i carved these awhile ago and have recently (as in yesterday night) finished an autumn leaves collection as well. i have been posting things seriously late on this blog, but maybe someday i'll catch up... we'll see. anyway, my little ladies have been having a blast with these stamps and i plan to share some of their creative work soon... along with that leaf collection.

was hoping to give this sweet little thing some love and a fresh coat of paint. i planned to paint it all summer, but i couldn't decide on a color (mostly because i'm just not sure where it will end up in the house). i finally just decided to go with white paint and iron hardware, but now i'm loosing the weather... once again... we'll see.

our bunny... i feel things are going well. i am constantly surprised how much there is to learn about these little critters though. example, i have been finding some strange white stuff in his litter box and thought something was wrong with him... then after some research found that this is normal they just pee out extra calcium and that i should switch him from alfalfa pellets to timothy hay pellets... but since he's still so young alfalfa should be fine for now... okay.
 the chicken tractor is borrowed from my in-laws. the bunny loves it. and yes, we do put his litter box in there. that thing goes everywhere he does so that he always uses it... we clean it out every other day. it has pet litter made from paper, and always fresh hay. did you know that they need hay in their litter box? another one of those strange things... they need it to stimulate their digestive system.
alright... enough bunny talk.

we are officially pet sitters for our big white friend. he is so sweet and so beautiful. we all adore him. i feel like it's the perfect situation. we are going to get to watch him a couple weekends a month (if it works out for us), and get our dog fix.... it really builds up that dog need. then we also don't have the full commitment of a dog, which these dog sitting visits show us we are not quite ready for. 
oh, i sure love him though. doesn't he look like a polar bear?

we are also in our second cycle of the tooth fairy.
our older two went through a cycle together... although layla does still have a few baby teeth. now though, eislee is starting the cycle all over again and i know ollie will not be far behind her. eislee lost her second tooth last night... and the tooth fairy may have forgot to come, ahem. luckily the tooth had fallen to the floor, so i pointed out that the tooth fairy probably just missed it since she was expecting it to be under the pillow and that we should try again tonight. 
this houses' tooth fairy is a bit of a forgetful type, but she has been known to give stickers if she misses two nights in a row... sometimes they almost hope for a miss. 
when my son lost his last baby tooth, the tooth fairy actually missed like five nights in a row. then, the last night before he headed up to bed, he stopped and asked me... "mom, do you think the tooth fairy will actually remember to come tonight?" with a raised eyebrow and a hint of sarcasm in his voice. i just laughed and said "hopefully" with a wink. just another reason i am learning to love my babies growing up. these kids... what would i do without them?


Carlin said...

love all of your pictures, the stamps are great. we do the same thing with our neighbor's dog several times a week to get our dog fix - basically borrow! best of both worlds. hope you guys are having a good fall.

Place Under The Pine said...

Looks busy, but fun too!
We had two visits from the tooth fairy - and one missed visit - recently. My little guy has lost so many teeth he can barely eat! Turns out when the tooth fairy forgets to come you get a little extra bonus money under your least in our neck of the woods.

Yanic said...

Oh my, our stamps are divine... If we lived closer, I would pay you to teach me how to carve such beautiful pieces!

What a lovely spread of images. I'm glad you are getting to spend time with your white fluffy friend. And YES! He does look like a big polar bear. :-)

We are at the beginning of the tooth fairy adentures here. It's been a fun ride so far.

Wishing you a wonderful week-end!

jenny said...

carlin- it is the perfect situation isn't it? i love this dog sharing idea! helps out the dog owners and the non dog owners :)

putp- haha! oh, i love it! it has been long enough since my big kids were really doing the tooth fairy that i feel we are completely starting over and i am so curious how this sweet run will go... no doubt a whole new set of "rules" :)

yanic- if only we were not so far apart!! i would love to teach you! i am always offering to teach people who live nearby when they show interest, but no one has ever taken me up on it!

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