Friday, October 2, 2015

october things

yesterday i pulled the "autumn" tub out of the attic. luckily i put everything away in a semi-organized manner last year, so i was able to find just what i was looking for.

little pumpkins, scarecrows, and autumn lacing cards that we've had for years. we got out one of our favorite games "harvest time"... even though the harvest is almost over now... but that is why we have time for games again. i ordered a couple of themed puzzles. i love the one pictured.. "scarecrow festival". it is a 100 piece, so it's just a bit of a challenge without being overwhelming, and the picture is festive and beautiful. i have noticed that when i put a puzzle out in a basket the kids are much more drawn to it. i'm not sure why that is but i plan to switch seasonal puzzles in and out of that basket over the next couple months.

we have many halloween themed books too, but above are some of our favorites. "and then comes halloween" and "too many pumpkins" are hands down my absolute favorite halloween books. they are wonderful. "the little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything" is an adorable interactive book (great for a preschool class) and it was written by my preschool teacher... so that's pretty special. although we have many special "holiday" books, we don't really have many "seasonal" books. i would really like to get some books that focus more on autumn itself.

do you have any recommendations for me?

then stickers, autumn colored cards, stamps, and i printed out some coloring pages from this site. i love their coloring pages. i think they are all very sweet, and you don't have to download the pages to print them off... i really appreciate that. 

i have some more seasonal ideas that i am very excited about and hope to find time to set up. they are more montessori, and i am very excited to implement more of that into our home. i also have some new ideas for some seasonal stamps that would be SO FUN! i am really hoping to dig into that soon.


Summer said...

It's been awhile since I visited here. Love seeing what you guys are up to though! Love all the festive goodies!!
So very fun!! Wishing you a wonderful October!!

Place Under The Pine said...

Harvest Time! Thanks for the reminder, we love that game too...just have to remember to get it out.

amanda said...

fun! Claire just asked about Halloween decorations today and I told her to go for it so we now have a couple ghosts and a witch (drawn and colored by her) taped to the front door. it's a start!

jenny said...

thanks summer :)
place under the pine... i hear you! this is the first year i am actually attempting to cycle some of our games with the seasons and they enjoy them so much more when they've been put away for awhile :)
amanda... those decorations are the best!

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