Wednesday, January 20, 2016

babies, mommas, and finding "me" time

the cows are beginning to calf now...
poor things, a few areas on this farm have become complete mudholes with all of the rain we've been having. this little guy was born about a week ago, and another little one that looks just like him was born this morning. they are so adorable. baby farm animals will always hold a special place in my heart. 
i am also expecting a niece, and a nephew to arrive some time in the next few weeks. i am so excited. 

i am hosting a blessingway for one of my pregnant sisters.
have you ever heard of them? also called a belly blessing or a mother's blessing.
included with the invitation above:
"a mother's blessing is a celebration of life and love, pregnancy and motherhood, in a tranquil, sacred, and love-filled atmosphere. the purpose is to nourish, nurture, support, and encourage the mother while affirming that she will have a beautiful birth experience. unlike a traditional baby shower, which is focused on the baby and gifts, a mother blessing's focus is about the mother as she prepares for a beautiful childbirth and motherhood."
basically it is a ceremony where her closest ladies will gather and share our own unique stories of motherhood and then listen to her thoughts, hopes, fears, insecurities, etc, and shower her in support, encouragement, and love. we will give her massage, manicure her toenails, etc. we will each bring a special bead to create a necklace for her to wear during labor, and each lady will take home a candle that she will light when she is informed that labor has begun. 
i am in love with this tradition. what an incredible way to prepare for childbirth.
i also wanted to share a link to the etsy shop where i purchased this teepee. it is what we chose to give the little ones for christmas, and we are so happy with it. 
here is the link: white vine design

and here and there...
i have been beginning to find creative time that is just for me.
although when a certain nine year old wants to sit beside me and join in on the drawing it quickly becomes "our" time, but i love that too.
i hope to find little bits of time for each of the things that tug on my soul.
drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, music, photography... sigh.... little bits....
 here and there... it will happen.


Kim said...

Congratulations on the calves, I bet seeing those little ones around the farm never gets old. I have hosted a blessingway before, such a special time of the expecting mother to be honoured, and showered in the love and support of friends and family.

So happy to hear you are finding some time for you. It is never easy, is is, but always so rewarding.

amanda said...

what sweet photos of the calf~ and I love the teepee, too. I have been to blessing ways and have hosted a blessing way and a dear friend hosted one for me when I was pregnant with Claire. I love the string bracelet tradition- the ones that you all connect yourselves with and then cut and tie off as a reminder to think of the mama whenever you see it? I see your embroidery thread... is that what that is for? I think I've actually still got mine somewhere. and the candle- so nice. my friend ended up stringing my beads in a long strand with a crystal at the end to hang in a window as a sun catcher, but I love the idea of the necklace as well. she also had everyone write a little note to me about motherhood, etc, and I still have those notes. such a sweet gathering, a blessing way. I'm sure you'll be an amazing hostess for your sister's. have such fun with it!

jenny said...

thank you friends!! it was an incredible experience, although, i don't feel i am a very good hostess... i get much to distracted and let everything run on too long, HA!!
amanda- yes, that is what the floss was for, although, after reading more about wrapping everyone together i wish we would have done it that way. i LOVE the idea of making a suncatcher out of them! makes me want to collect beads now and make one. LOVE it!

Amber Mento said...

I LOVED the blessing way that you threw for me :) it was lovely and very special :) I felt like those who were there were meant to be and how things happened we're meant to happen :) it was beautiful and uplifting. I wear my necklace and smile and I'm trying to dry my flower crown to save it but I don't know if it'll last. It was a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful for you dear sister :) thank you, with love from Amb

Rachel Weaver said...

I haven't ever had a blessing way but I fully support anything that helps women connect in real and honest ways. It sounds just perfect. Congratulations on all the new life.

jenny said...

thank you rachel :)
amb- i am so glad that it meant so much to you! it meant a lot to me too. such a very special experience. i will never forget it :)

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