Monday, January 11, 2016

begin again

above: the little girls new space
below: layla's new space

the start of a new year always feels like such a special time to me.
a huge open canvas full of possibilities. 
i feel differently this year, not that there is any shortage of possibilities, but in the sense that i have no idea what it is that i want to get out of the next year of my life. 
i feel optimistic and excited but i also feel extremely conflicted. i believe that what's "getting to me" is the speed in which the last year passed. it honestly feels like it was the fastest year of my life and that is certainly not what i want. 
so far, when asked what my new years resolution will be, or my big goal for the year i have responded with "i just want to enjoy this year and learn to let go" and i am not entirely sure what i mean by that either. 
i read a quote recently that really stuck with me...
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."
-winston churchill
you know what the really funny thing is...
after reading that quote the first thing that actually came to my mind was this blog.
that surprised me.
one thing is for certain, instead of starting 2016 with the usual list making and goal planning... i plan to start the new year with some serious contemplation and soul searching instead, and for the first time in a long time i am going to begin with low expectations and just see where this beautiful life takes me.

the calendars: taproot/phobe wahl find it here
justseeds & eberhardt press agenda book find it here
(this one was gifted by a friend and i LOVE it)
and my favorite calendar you won't be able to find, it is a handmade by my youngest... love love love.


Kim said...

No resolutions or intentions for me this year either, this year is about living life, and seeing where it takes me.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2016.

Holly said...

my expectations keep getting lower and lower every year. Pretty soon I'll just stay in the hole I've created (ha!). I do like your quote and wonder myself why I have let my blog go to the dogs. you know the biggest deterrent for me is lack of awesome photos and photo organization. I still really want to sit down with you and my other local bloggy friend and hash this out. Maybe this is our year to do that. :)

jenny said...

kim- i think it's the best way sometimes, and really glad that i'm not the only one :)

holly- i would LOVE to do that!!! the photos and the "decorating" are some of my favorite parts. i'd love to geek out with you on blog stuff :) let's do it!!

Amber Mento said...

I LOVE the photos in this one! And I Ollie looks so sweet sleeping in that tent with her cute little outfit and thumb :) so sweet, and I love your words. And the quote from Winston Churchill. I plan on doing some serious soul searching too and I can't wait for little lady to show up!

jenny said...

thanks sister :) soul searching feels like such a special way to start a new year! i am also VERY excited for little lady to get here!

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