Wednesday, March 23, 2016

a week of home

I am trying very hard to keep things still this week.
Any day that I don't have to leave the house feels like such a treasure. My children can't handle more than two days in a row at home (and usually that second day is full of bickering). It's a delicate balance getting them days out and me days in. Spring break. It's going well.

I have been, almost constantly, daydreaming about summer.
I just can't wait for the warmth and the time outside. We have more big plans for those few short months, and I can't wait to enjoy last years project.

I have been substituting as an assistant teacher at a Montessori preschool this year. Mostly, I would cover when someone was sick, had an appt, etc. Now I am working a full schedule covering for a teacher that just had a new baby. It has certainly been a busy time for us, but what an incredible place and equally incredible group of women. The project above was inspired by one of their activities. I gathered beautiful objects from around the house and printed the matching words on card stock. My little readers go through and pair each object with it's matching card. So easy, so fun, and so visually appealing. 

I am really hoping to start some new projects over this "break." I had this sad feeling that the week is almost over, but then I reminded myself that it is only Wednesday morning... and one full day at home is full of possibilities. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

spring things


As far as I'm concerned... spring is here.
When you have a day where there is pouring rain, hail, and then bright sunshine and clear blue skies all in the same afternoon, that is spring in Oregon. The grass is also a pretty good indicator for me. It slowly changes color as spring approaches and when the days reach a certain length, suddenly, the grass begins to almost glow. It is glowing now. The trees are budding and the flowers are popping up... although the flowers have popped up before and then died from snow the next day... I've seen it... I don't trust the flowers anymore. My other indicator that I haven't really witnessed yet... is the birds. When it is truly spring I wake up and hear them singing, loudly, in the morning. It is the most fantastic way to wake up.
I was shocked that Easter is this month. Wasn't it in April last year? Was it? and it seems that just a few years ago it was at the end of April...? hmm. I have four (wait... no five) calendars and, somehow, not one of them had Easter in it. so, I looked it up online and gasped when I saw that it was in March. Just because it feels like everything is happening early this year. Which I am enjoying. Certainly not complaining... just observing. 
This winter was hard on me. The combination of short days and basketball was a bit too much. My two older children both played on separate teams. There was a practice almost every night of the week, and games (plural!) every weekend. My usually slow, restful season was ridiculously busy. I'm going to have to get used to it though because they both loved basketball, especially my daughter, and can't wait for the next season to come. 
But there is spring... I am really excited for spring. We are taking a break from sports this season. The older two kids, and possibly Matt, are going to do the mountain bike racing... which is much less of a commitment and really fun, but no soccer. I have received a bit of guilting over this decision because of the loss of an opportunity to increase their skills, but we have decided to take a break anyway. Not entirely for selfish reasons either, but because we can tell that the kids also need a break from this stimulating schedule. We need a season of rest. We all need time to slow down. I think it will be wonderful. It has been two years since I have had a spring without sports, and I am ready for it.
 I am not a sports person (at all), but I am certainly a spring person. 
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