Monday, May 8, 2017

here it comes again

 Hoping to begin remodeling this little guy over the summer.
 The picnic tables needed to be re-positioned for a better view.

Do you see the vultures?
 above: Finally carved a new stamp and it felt so good to do something creative.
below: Breakfast in bed for my home school girl (mostly we make her get up for breakfast but every once in awhile i serve her upstairs while she reads).

 Soccer explosion. 
This magazine just gets better and better. I have reread "Love is a verb" about three times. I also plan to make the braided cinnamon bread soon, and the digestive bitters.
 Country porches... beautiful AND functional. 
 The snowberry bush that Eislee picked out for me. It's quickly becoming one of my favorites.
 The chicken tractor and our only hen... one hen... one rooster.

 A rare warm day where dinner must be outside.

Thank goodness spring is finally here. 
There are breaks in the rain, and warm sun.
Everyone and everything's mood is lifted.
There is this excitement in the air each day the sun shines. 
We made it.

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