Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meet Yashica

 Everything I learned about photography... I learned with film.
 My high school had a wonderful photography program that I completed, and then began "independent study" which pretty much meant I had free range of the dark room and chose my own projects. I not only learned the basics of taking a shot, but I also learned how to develop my own film, and develop my own prints. Then in independent study I began to learn a new side of photography and the darkroom... manipulating your images as you print them. 
I am so grateful for that program and all that it taught me.

 Lately, I've been a bit obsessed with vintage cameras (especially working ones that you can still purchase film for... and especially ones with the viewfinder on top... ahem). So, when I found this beauty for sale on craigslist for an extremely reasonable price... I was certain she was meant to be with me.

Thank goodness for YouTube. I have been learning everything I need to know about actually using this camera thanks to the numerous videos on the subject. I also found the incredible video below that shares a bunch of photos taken in New York in the 1950's with a twin lens camera (which is what my new/old camera is). The incredible shots and the way they truly tell a story about that time makes me feel a need to take up street photography. It seems like such a special way to capture history. 

Of course, my recent return to film photography and my first vintage camera purchase are igniting a bit of a fire in me. I feel a desperate need to find a dark room... or build one. And I do believe this vintage camera purchase is just the first of my collection. 

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mb said...

that is so exciting! i love your love for film! i once got to help develop film in a darkroom after a dolphin identification trip, and i learned so much, but i've never gotten to take an actual photography class. i hope i get to meet yashica at some point!

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