Friday, September 22, 2017

Goodbye Summer

It was an incredible summer.
One of the best.
It was busy and chaotic but I was present, relaxed, and enjoyed myself. I embraced the chaos, tried to flow with it, and reminded myself that it would only be a short while.
And it was short.
Then as summer began to come to it's end, I found myself perfectly ready to say goodbye and welcome a change.
goodbye summer
goodbye late nights and slow mornings
goodbye ridiculously full days and ever changing plans
hello schedule
hello crisp early mornings
hello quiet afternoons
hello family evenings with just us

hello fall... I have been waiting for you.


  1. Your photos have captured such a full, exciting and happy summer. I, too, am ready for fall. Happy Equinox.

  2. Such wonderful photos. I love that you let the kids play in the mud. Too many moms wouldn't. : ( Your sentiments about summer are exactly how I feel. I'm ready to start hibernating!! : ) Have a beautiful weekend. xo

    ~ Wendy

  3. what beautiful moments!!
    i just love your typewriter. getting one for myself one day is on my wish list.
    blessings for the change of the seasons.

  4. Indeed we have to say goodbye to Summer. Happy Autumn! Pretty photos!

  5. i, too, am captivated by your typewriter. i have one back in my parents' attic that i plan to grab next time i am there. it is small and has a fancy italics font. hello fun grocery lists! i'm sure it needs a ribbon. i imagine it's like polaroid film, where you couldn't buy it for a while, but now you can again. cycles.

  6. oh to run and play in that low-tide mud!

  7. oh friends! thank you for all of your kind comments! it makes me so happy to see that so many have enjoyed what i shared here. these connections are so special.


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