Saturday, September 8, 2018

Looking Back

Oh August,
You always leave me feeling completely exhausted and overstimulated... but I love you.

Come the end of August I am completely ready for change. Everything is dry and dirty, from the crisp yellow grass underfoot up to the shriveling leaves on the trees. The leaves are changing color now but I cannot tell if it is because they are dying from dehydration or a symptom of the crisp night air.
 I suppose a bit of both.
It may be from living in a place with rain and seasons my entire life, but once September arrives I begin to long for rain. I love the earthy smell in the air after that first rain. The cozy push inside. Whatever you haven't finished in the work of the outdoors, it's over, it's time to come inside and rest. The feeling of moisture in the air again is absolutely uplifting. It's a cleansing period too. All of the dirt and the old dusty cobwebs wash away. The green returns. Everything begins to feel fresh and clean, like a child fresh out of the bath, and then it's time to tuck in and have a long sleep.
Alright, I'm rambling on about the fall tucking in with a bedtime story when I was going to recap August. Oh my. Well... If your still with me....
You were sleeping in tents and spending entire days outdoors. You were jumping into cool mountain streams that left our entire bodies tingling as we emerged from your waters. You were dry grass, warm sun, singing crickets. You were a time for harvesting and canning beautiful fruits of the earth. You were a time for late wild nights, and also, late slow mornings. You were a time for progress! Outside projects came back to life and moved forward. A time of absolutely no schedule and thoroughly enjoying it.
I will miss you August, but I do feel ready for the shift now.
I feel that you completely filled me with everything that I needed from my summer and I am ready for change. Thank you August... See you next year.


  1. Your description of fall had me nostalgic for the coast. I found some good writing here, my friend. Of course the pics too!! You captured the essence of summer. :) Admittedly, when I saw you posted today, I jumped on my blog as well. I have to keep up with you!! In mid October we planned a trip to your neck of the woods. It crossed my mind that our old, short lived, mommy bloggers club could get together...we'll see...

    1. thank you holly! that compliment means so much coming from you. i am so excited that you posted as well! get ready my friend, i plan to post more often and i hope that you will continue to keep up (or take the lead). i would love to have a mommy bloggers club meeting and would be happy to host! see you soon :)

  2. that looks like a whole lotta goodness right there! those apples! that light! and- your pup playing tetherball(!!!!) I'm intrigued by your photo prints and linocut photos as well....... looks like fun things happening, for sure.

    cheers from nc~

    1. it's a whole months worth of goodness... ha ha!! i love that she plays tetherball. my son claims that he is the one who taught her to do it :) i love that you were the one intrigued by the prints and block cutting supplies! the darkroom is a place i discovered that i can send my 120 film in for processing (and also my 35mm). if you shoot with film as well, i highly recommend them. i had a great experience with the company. the supplies are for when the weather turns. i have been deeply inspired by meredith winns recent carvings and plan to try my hand at "block" carving instead of "stamp" carving. can't wait to show you :)

  3. yep, count me in, holly! <3 what a treat to read new posts from both of you today! i can't wait to see what new stamps you carve, jenny. the photo magic is beautiful as always. those dandelion shots are just over the top! xoxo

    1. thank you mary beth! my girls are the reason for the dandelion shots. they ask me to photograph them blowing those over and over and over... and i am happy to oblige!!! i am excited to catch up with you and holly in october! and the stamps... my mind has been reeling with ideas... hopefully they turn out the way i have been imagining them :)


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