About Jenny


My name is Jenny. I grew up in a small town in the beautiful Oregon Willamette Valley. I now live on a small farm in an even smaller town on the Oregon Coast. Our little farm is nestled in between river and forest, giving us a wonderful combination of things to explore. I live here with my husband, Matt, and our four children, Maiko, Layla Bee, Eislee, and Ollie. We share this space with some wonderful grandparents (across the street), a few cows, some cats, dogs, a couple ducks, a big flock of chickens, and a bunny. We really enjoy our little patch of paradise and I feel so grateful that my children get to grow up in such an amazing place.

I'm one of those people who like to dabble in just about anything/everything creative. I am discovering more and more that finding time for creativity is becoming an essential element to my happiness. I share the majority of my creative happenings on this blog. There are not very many people that I can share these things with "in person", so it is quite special for me sharing them here with like minded souls. Some of the areas I dabble in include: photography, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, paper flowers, and stamp carving.

Aside from my creative life, I also post about my thoughts and experiences raising a large family and our life in the country. If I could sum up my goals for this blog in two words, they would be: inspiration and connection (and of course a log of our family life that I love to look back on). When I read other blogs, I am often inspired by what they share and I feel a wonderful connection to their life. That is what I hope my blog does too. I would never want anyone to compare their day to day grind with what I post on my blog. Usually I wouldn't think anyone could possibly think I have it all together because, well, I see my life and how chaoitic it is. But I also know how easy it can be to compare, and I know that when I post (which is usually once a week if I'm lucky) that it is my best photos from the week and the content is often the best of the week as well... or occasionally the best of the month! Anyway, the point of this is just to say that my house is often a mess... with stacks of dishes and laundry... my kids fight... we have battles over screen time... some days I have to force them outside... my dinners are always late... and I am often lacking a shower. Sometimes I post about these things here, but mostly I focus on the best of our days.

  I started this blog as a way to keep in touch with our family and friends, and to let them see what we were up too. What I didn't realize was how wonderful it would be for me. I love this little chance to reflect on all of the good in my life and as I share that good I feel so grateful for all that I have. So, thank you for reading and giving me a reason to continue sharing what I love.

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