Monday, February 20, 2017


all of these photos are from january.
there has been no more frost... only rain... lots and lots of rain.
my wreath is still holding up quite well.
the dolls are in the same state now that they were then... no progress whatsoever.
we have played the game "shadows in the forest" less and less as the days grow longer.
i decided to use these photos because they were already uploaded and ready to go. i put these up and was ready to write and post when my laptop crashed. it is still in a sad state, and i really hope it can be fixed. matt has set up a nice little desktop for us all in the house now. i am enjoying having a computer to use again, but i prefer a laptop and how it can be put away out of sight. i prefer all of my electronics that way. a small thin tv that i keep in the closet most days, a small laptop that fits in my desk drawer. there is something so freeing about removing them from sight. it's almost as if they aren't even there.
anyway, the reason this post is called "recovering" is because that is exactly the state we are in right now. an awful virus attacked this family over the last couple of days and we are finally in the stage of recovery. when i recall the last 48 hours there are moments that i actually laugh out load at some of the absurd events that took place. when four digestive systems decide to release their entire contents over the course of one night and there are only two bathrooms... things get pretty interesting. i was thankful that neither of the littlest ones were sick while the rest of us were. it would have been so hard to care for them too. i was lucky. i had a much easier time than the others and so i was able to kindof/sortof care for everyone. eislee was very fortunate. she was entirely spared. matt thinks it might have to do with the fact that she ate an entire bag of tangarines right before our exposure. i was commenting today that the optimistic thing about such a terrible virus is that once you make it through... just feeling normal is absolutely wonderful.

the house is a disaster.
the amount of laundry and dishes is insane.
but i feel great... because i feel almost completely normal again.


  1. Oh goodness I am so sorry you've all been hit with the bug...not fun. Glad to hear you have come out of it, and are feeling normal again ;)

    I totally get wanting the screens tucked away when not in use...totally happens here.

    Take care my friend.

  2. i'm glad to hear you're emerging on the other side... but so sorry you had to go through that! shadows in the forest sounds and looks intriguing... love your photos as usual. glad to see you posting! oh, and i agree on the small, able-to-be-hidden electronics, wholeheartedly.

  3. ugh. So sorry to hear that you had such an awful course of a stomach bug for so many in your home- no fun! I'm glad you are feeling better and hopefully things feel back to normal soon. And YES- when you're so sick, those first days (moments even) of feeling back to normal feel amazing!

    sending good wishes for continued good health your way!
    xo from nc