Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big News about the Big Dog

Ezra, the Great Pyrenees, is back at home with his original owner.
Looking through these old photos almost made me cry, but I do honestly think this is for the best.
We had Ezra for eight months, and although we enjoyed our time with him, a few things came to light that made me question if this was truly the right long term home for him. 
His original owner has been back at home for some time now (all alone) and seems to have recovered very well from his surgery. When i called to talk to him about my thoughts he said "Jenny, It's not a problem. I can come pick him up today." 
I was not expecting that. I was a bit shocked to have it all happen so fast. I had merely questioned if he should stay here, and then suddenly he was leaving. BUT, I felt this enormous weight lift off my shoulders after he left. A weight I didn't even fully realize I was holding. A weight I have been carrying for eight months.  That weightless feeling, combined with the owners eagerness to take him back, and Ezra's eagerness to go with him, AND the kids were completely okay with it all (that shocked me)... anyway... all combined... it really feels like the right thing. 

And we are still his top dog sitters.


  1. It sounds to me like it all happened the way it was suppose to...gotta love when the Universe has your back.

    I know you will miss him, but dog sitter is a pretty good gig too :)

  2. Your dog is a beautiful one! My husband been asking me if it would be good to get a dog. Great to have the kids play in the water! So happy Spring is here.

  3. i know exactly what you mean with the feeling of a weight lifting you didn't know was there. i had that when i had applied for a phd graduate program and got turned down- i felt relieved! and didn't anticipate that. so when the professor turned around and re-offered it to me after the first pick backed out, i turned it down. you have to listen to those intuitions. i am a fairy dog mother to a sweet dog and that is my favorite dog relationship to have, it's a lot less commitment, but it helps everyone out on both sides when dog sitting is needed. so glad the kids made the decision that much easier on you. :)