Sunday, January 24, 2010

sick day

amber gave me these beautiful fabric pieces for christmas, and as soon as i saw them i knew i wanted to make one of these pillows with them. so when me and eislee got sick and matt took maiko and layla to visit his mom for the day, i figured it was the perfect time to do nothing but cut fabric and sew. this was an easy project, finished in one day while taking care of a sick baby. i had five fat quarters of fabric and cut them into 5 by 5 squares and then layed them out randomly 5 squares across and 5 squares down (i did both sides of the pillow this way). then i sewed them together using quarter inch seam allowances and then sewed the front and back together leaving a little space open at the bottom for stuffing then closed up the bottom with some tiny hand stitches. like i said a super easy project and so quick. i love how the random layout looks too, now i want to make a quilt this way. happy sewing :)

1 comment:

  1. yay Jenny!!! I'm so glad that you used the fabric! That's so exciting it looks great!


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