Friday, November 4, 2011

the end of october

 the very last evening of october. halloween. we had a wonderful time. my sisters and soon to be brother in law made the trip over here to spend the evening with us. we all met up in nye beach and arrived to late for the scheduled "early" trick or treat and arrived to early for the traditional after dark trick or treating ...and so... we wandered the streets in a sort of limbo. until we stopped to draw with chalk on the walls of cafe mundo and the amazing sound of sweet reggae and warm lentil soup brought us inside. i must say that cafe mundo is my absolute favorite place to go in this entire coastal area. if you visit newport you really must check it out. it's located in nye beach "the heart of newport" directly across from nana's irish pub (another favorite of mine). anyway, after mundo we hit the streets and were sooo surprised at how things have changed since we were kids (i'm sure we are not the first or last to think this). when did everyone start going to only one neighborhood? on the oregon coast? i couldn't believe it... there was no one in nye beach! we walked a few blocks.... found three houses... and their bags were full of candy. the houses we went to hadn't seen a single trick or treater and gave mine all of their candy (ugh!). i was thinking more along the lines of visit ten houses and come away with ten pieces of candy.... definitely not three houses and twenty candies! we had a wonderful time though... i will be going to mundo for halloween again.. that was great. the kids looked so adorable in their costumes too! i'm sure you can probably tell what they were from the pictures but just in case you can't.... maiko was a skeleton.... layla was little red riding hood.... eislee was a ladybug.... and ollie was a pink bunny. people often thought i was carrying a stuffed animal around and not a baby :) so there it is... our halloween adventure. i suppose i have you all caught up to november now, huh?

many thanks to my amazing sister brittany for sharing all of the halloween photos above. didn't she do an outstanding job? i just love them! thanks a million britt!


Britt(sis) said...

you are quite welcome dear jen. :) i'm glad i got to share halloween with you guys! :)

jenny said...

i'm glad too! we had so much fun. now it's time to make christmas memories!

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