Friday, November 25, 2011

an unexpected thanksgiving

our typical thanksgiving is getting up early, getting everyone ready, driving over to the valley, and then house jumping until late into the evening from family party to family party. now... i actually do enjoy this... i love getting to see everybody. but i have always wondered what a quiet thanksgiving at home would be like. this year we had planned on our usual thanksgiving circus. that was until our littlest one came down with the flu the day before... and then the three well children decided to go ahead and travel over to the valley with their grandparents... and before we new it... we had a very quiet thanksgiving at home. all we did was take care of the little one and prepare our feast. simple. then the power went out again (wind storms, sheesh!) and i continued to prepare the food with high hopes that the power would come back on just in time (it's possible right?) and matt created an oven on top of our wood stove (have i mentioned how brilliant my husband is? so handy that man). now i was right and the power did come back on just in time... but we still cooked the sweet potatoes in matt's oven... just because... and they were cooked to perfection. it really was amazing. he made it out of old flashing from our house. now, in case anyone is worried about little ollie.... she is already back to her old self... so don't worry. and if your curious about this blog... i am planning to start posting at least once a week (hopefully twice) now that i have started figuring out matt's computer. hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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