Sunday, February 17, 2013

oh, february

well.... that month disappeared in the blink of an eye. i think my calender has a mind of it's own now... skipping through days faster than it should. 

many things have happened since i last visited this place. my sweet ollie (the youngest of the four) had her second birthday and we all celebrated her. then a week later i had my 28th birthday and i was spoiled rotten. i am so thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life! after my birthday, my amazing sister in law and her wonderful beau came to visit and we celebrated our birthdays together (she also took a whole lot of amazing pictures that i am planning on sharing in the near future). and through all of this matt and ian and thomas have been continuing to work on the upstairs project... which is getting sooo close to completion... i cannot wait to show you. all of the walls, ceilings, and trim have been painted. the carpet has been ripped out, along with some old linoleum. the base boards have been removed (after we saw the wood floor underneath and decided to refinish it too). and the attic spaces are almost complete... they put insulation in them, finished them with plywood to conceal the holes and exposed nails and spiders (my goodness), they were wired with pull string lights, and they were spackled, primered, and painted. there is still a great deal left... but i think we are over half way. it is very exciting. i feel like this project will actually change our entire home environment in the most wonderful way.

the valentines above were so fun to make. maiko and layla wanted to make glowstick valentines and the tutorials and free print-outs are herehere, and here. eislee's love bug valentines were my favorite! so cute. we hot glued the butterflies on (she said only butterflies). the free print-out and tutorial for that one is right here. i know that valentines day is over but i was thinking if you really liked them you could bookmark them for next year. 

well, i hope you had a great day of love and i plan to post again before february slips away completely.

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Anonymous said...

Love the paint sis!

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