Friday, August 2, 2013

four years old

we had such a wonderful time celebrating our sweet eislee. it was a day full of special things... a four wheeler ride through the forest with daddy, a pinata that she made herself stuffed by mommy, a few gifts (including a new bike... yay!), and sharing an oreo cheesecake (daddy's specialty) with her family. a very special day for a very special girl. 

i know that i have spoken before about some of our birthday traditions... but there are a couple that i really love and thought i would risk sharing again. one thing that we do differently that we all really like is letting the birthday child open their presents right away (sometimes first thing in the morning) so that they can enjoy them all day. another very special thing is going around the table while eating the birthday desert and everyone says something they love about the birthday person. and of course... in tradition... i will post my four things...

four things i love about my four year old

  • i love the way that she is drawn to the kitchen any time there is cooking happening and she always wants to help
  • i love how happy she is just to be outside... riding her bike, picking berries, or just wandering around collecting stones and flowers
  • i love the way she dresses herself and her great funky style... layers upon layers... she is always ready for anything and looks super cute.... cold... ready... hot... remove a few layers.... swimming... got a swimsuit under here somewhere... ballet dancing... yep, here's the tutu!
  • i love that she loves to dance and is always completely comfortable doing so. a few weeks ago we went out to dinner and there was a band playing... she was dancing the whole time and started the second we walked in the door!
there are so many things i love about this wonderful girl! i am so glad she is a part of my life!
four years already... and here's to many more!

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