Monday, November 25, 2013

fabric fever

yes, there has been more sewing.
i have wanted to make one of those fabric banners for quite a long time now. i have made paper banners before... i made a little tutorial here. the fabric banner has been on my list for years though, and now that i finally made one i can't stop laughing at myself. it was so EASY!!! i always knew that it would be... so that wasn't really too much of a surprise... but none the less i put it off for years. silly me. i am now very excited to make more of these fun little banners... maybe for every room in the house? at least every bedroom. i have cut fabric and started sewing on another project though... and i will share that one soon. it is special for my layla bee. i also plan to cut the batting for my first honey bun pouf over this next week. yes, fabric fever indeed. 

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