Thursday, December 12, 2013

a doll for bee

there was a sewing whirlwind over thanksgiving break... and with some heavy encouragement from my little bee a large amount of progress was made. ever since i made this doll for eislee, layla bee has been asking for me to make another for her. i had some knit fabric that i thought would make a beautiful tan skin color... and as a skin color it is very beautiful... but being a knit fabric it was very difficult to work with for this project. when stuffing, instead of her body getting tight and firm the fabric just kept stretching and looks somewhat misshaped. it was also very difficult to embroider her face... once again... the stretching. bee picked all of the colors for her face and hair and she came up with the idea to unravel the yarn and make curly hair.... love love love! i was considering finishing this doll for her for christmas but i have decided that since everything has been done together thus far that we need to finish her together as well. i believe we will be taking a break though as we have been switching to christmas "making".

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