Friday, March 7, 2014

this and that

playing with our new craft toy... a scalloped circle paper cutter...

i have been so excited to try making some of these simple paper banners. i plan to make some for the girls rooms. can you believe the light in the photos below?? sheesh oregon! it (the light) as been fluctuating like crazy lately... we are almost out of the dark (yes!!)... but it feels like these last few weeks we have been caught in the middle of a light battle.... sunny... dark... sunny... dark... i'm on sunnys side :)

a quick reunion with an old friend... there is something so wonderful about reconnecting with someone who has known you for a long time

eislee is mesmerized by her painting... i should really let the girl paint more

reconnecting with some old favorites: "the creative family" by amanda blake soule, "playful learning" by mariah bruehl, and "living simply with children" by marie sherlock... some really fabulous ideas in these books

career day : : the teacher

teacher hair

career day : : the rancher
who would not stop for a photo... on his way to find the perfect piece of grass to chew on... he was also quite upset that we did not have proper cowboy boots or hat... they are necessities after all.

after months of searching finally found the perfect fabric to finish the girls christmas blankets. i was starting to feel a bit crazy, looking again and again and again saying "when i see the one... i'll know" (or something like that)... and then... just when i was starting to give up on myself.... i saw the one and i knew.... and faith in my sanity was fully restored.

she was pretending :)

white paint : : layla's progress on her own banner... and my progress on my pinterest project... both should be finished this weekend

a little girl reconnecting with her monkey after some serious surgery. poor monkey had his bottom rip open and then got vomited on by little girl... then lost his insides during a date with the washing machine. so, he was stuffed with new fluff and stitched up stronger than ever... and little girl and monkey had a special snuggle reunion. 

sorry how completely random this post has been but that is how our days have been going right now... but i have high hopes for some slowing down over the weekend :)


amanda said...

those photos of her with her monkey are soooooo sweet! and, you've got me wanting ot make a banner of my own!

jenny said...

:) she is the only one out of four to be really attached to an "item".... we find it so sweet and lovable... sometimes it's hard not to encourage it :) you should really make a banner... so simple and fun... i had wanted to make one for years (so silly) and then when i finally did i was wondering what on earth took me so long :)

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