Saturday, July 26, 2014

this girl...

the finished banners. i don't love them, but i do love how easy they were to make. i will try this method again (no measuring or marking), but next time i will try a pendant shape.

karaoke, for the girl that loves to sing (complete with a frozen soundtrack). the credit for this fantastic idea goes to grampy. 

a closet full of "princess" dresses... thanks to grandma. i must share grandma's source, because it is brilliant. garage sales. yes, grandma frequently goes to garage sales and keeps her eyes open for fancy dresses... usually only worn a handful of times.... and she picks them up for less than two dollars. thanks to her we have a wide range of sizes and colors... a perfect fit for our many princesses and any others that come to play.

so... this girl.
my first summer birthday. my oldest daughter. my empathetic sweetheart. my stubborn firecracker.
my layla bee.
i remember every detail of the day she was born like it was yesterday, but now that day is eight years ago.
she is so much like me. from her long toes... to her fiery temper... even the way she is so ready to grow up at the tender age of eight.
it gives me a bit of comfort when i worry about her urgency to grow up, or her terribly stubborn attitude.... to think back and remember that at her age... i was exactly the same.
anyway... enough sentiment... i am going to share eight things that you may or may not now about this fabulous little lady for her eighth birthday.

eight things
1. she wants to be a teacher.
2. she loves to organize her desk, and school her sisters (obviously her no. 1 is a good fit).
3. she LOVES to sing... and dance.
4. she can ride a dirt bike.
5. she crawled at six months... walked at ten months.... and spoke in sentences at a year.
6. she is very thoughtful... when the family goes around the dinner table sharing about their day... she always includes a special heartfelt compliment for each person.
7. she is very stubborn... each day when it comes time for chores... she makes a very fiery argument why she should not have to do them (okay, maybe not each day... but often).
8. every night before she goes to sleep she must have a story, a kiss, and a drink of water.

it has been such a pleasure watching this girl grow... can't wait to see what the next eight years bring.


summer said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!! That hair of hers!! Beautiful!! I love your banners! And those b and w shots are lovely too!

jenny said...

thank you summer :) i do love that long hair! she has been growing it out her whole life... but plans to chop it next month... gasp!!

Kasper said...

I still remember the first hair cut my daughter had... We didn't do it, nor did any relatives (even though the mother-in-law is a beautician), nope, my daughter did it herself and no one knew until afterwards. You can guess our reaction -_-

Tracey ~ Clover said...

That was a beautiful post for a beautiful girl. You are going to have so much fun in the next eight years :)

jenny said...

oh, cody! that is too funny! was it down to the scalp? my son cut my daughters hair once... the one this post is about and he cut two little patches of hair down to the scalp... luckily her hair was still pretty short then. :)
tracey- you are so right :) i am really looking forward to it.

Kasper said...

No it wasn't down to the scalp. Although that probably would've been better lol. It was a big patch about 3 inches shorter, only on one side of her head. We basically had to get her hair cut afterwards to make it look OK.

Layla Newell said...

thanks mom :)

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