Friday, November 21, 2014

the calm before the storm

we have had a bit of a holiday reprieve in this house.
a wonderfully slow and calm november.
time to catch up on some of the looming to do list, and some time for rest and play as well.
i feel ready to enjoy the christmas season with a restful and joyous heart. 
i have SO MANY IDEAS for this season. mostly for workstations... and traditions... and (hopefully) the perfect gifts. the new stamps up there (i plan to add a few more soon) will be part of a christmas card making station. i want the kids to make and mail as many christmas cards as their hearts desire.
i have plans to make gift stations available as well so they can make and wrap gifts (mostly on their own, maybe?) i plan to share these ideas as i actually get them set up and ready. i just love instilling a love for the joy of giving in them.
i am SO excited about some new ideas for their gifts this year. i plan to do things differently (again). instead of personal gifts for them i plan to mostly do group gifts... focused on geography, science, and (of course) arts and crafts. hopefully they will be as excited as i am.
i have done very little christmas prep thus far... mostly because my oldest says "you can't do christmas stuff before thanksgiving mom" so matter of factly. but no matter what anyone says i plan to hit the decorations hard next week... and i can think of a couple of little girls that will be hitting it right along with me. 
as for right now... i am leaving tonight for a special retreat. a few days with some WONDERFUL women that i absolutely adore. we ride a train to seattle... spend some time in a lovely area (pyke street market?) and then take the train back home. over the course of this trip i will also be learning more about the prospect of a future occupation. so many good things.

i will see you next week friends... i hope your days are merry and bright.

Friday, November 14, 2014

as the days grow still and short

on my desk...

katrina's free online course was fabulous.... and it really inspired me to mend again (and enjoy it)

updating our little school "record" books... a wonderful (and simple) way to keep a record of the year to year changes.

everything is changing quickly now.
the weather has taken a chilly turn, and the days are noticeably short. 
the last batch of apple juice will be pasteurized and bottled today, marking the end of our harvest.
winter clothes have come out and summer clothes have been put away.
and christmas is constantly creeping into our thoughts and conversations.
i seem to get the christmas spirit a bit earlier each year now... i love this season.

a few things that have been inspiring me lately...

what is inspiring you right now?
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