Sunday, February 1, 2015

january 30th

january 30th was a very big day for us.
our little one.... the baby in the family... turned four.
four has always been this huge milestone for me. an age where i actually notice a giant change in the ease of family life. it is certainly bittersweet with miss ollie jane being our last little one. 
i always thought i might have five or so... knew i wanted a big family... but there was a point after she came along where i knew that i had hit my max... i even felt a bit "in over my head" for awhile. that is where it really is so sweet because i do not feel that anymore. four feels absolutely perfect... four kids... a four year old baby... this is my whole world... and i love it.

now to carry on the birthday tradition...

four things i love about my four year old

  1. i love the way she begs for "just one more story" each night... and then after i read one more... she begs for another.
  2. i love the smell of her breath and the tickle of her hair when she comes to steal my pillow every morning.
  3. i love that such a fierce personality can come in such a small package.
  4. i love the little things that make her so unique... a love and talent for puzzles (starting at the age of two)... a fluent tongue in monkey babble... a taste for goat cheese spread on cucumbers.
this girl... so special... so sweet... so loved.

happy birthday ollie jane... we all love you so much!


Kim said...

Wishing her the happiest of days, and the most fantastic next trip around the sun.

And happy birthing day to you.


Summer said...

So sweet! Four already!! Wow! Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

And a Happy Birthday to you too Jenny! ;)

Carlin said...

So cute, I forget how sweet 4 is. I can imagine there were times when 4 kids were overwhelming!

susan said...

How wonderful to have four children. I was one of 7 and I have great memories of growing up. I love that you seem to enjoy being a mom so much. Lucky children have you for their mom.

jenny said...

thank you so much ladies :) and especially your comment susan... thank you :)

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