Thursday, April 14, 2016

the sound of spring

Beautiful spring cards from my very talented friend summer. Which is the same woman that makes our beloved peg families. These cards are prints of her original water color paintings. I am completely in love with them.

As you can see our chicks are quickly becoming chickens. They have been outside for quite some time now. They moved out into that hutch with a heat lamp, were out there for several weeks, and now they are in a chicken tractor (photos of that here) without the lamp. They seem to be very happy out there with their fresh spring grass.
Bought more hellebores... they are quickly becoming one of my favorites. Evergreen foliage, gorgeous blooms late winter through spring, shade loving. The flowers and leaves are both incredibly beautiful.

I love it when they bloom. They got a good week and a half, maybe two of nice weather for pollination. We have had rain and wind the last few days though, and most of the blossoms are gone now. It still surprises me how quickly they come and go. But now my absolute favorite part of spring has begun... the bird songs. They are constantly singing out there. Loudly. I can hear them with the windows closed, and they sing rain or shine. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Saturday Shenanigans

It started with a hole.
They said "Can we dig a big hole in the yard?"
"sure." I said. 
"But you will have to fill it in again when you are done."
When they began to fill the hole with water and requested swimsuits i said, "you may not come in the house until you are rinsed clean."

May be needless to say, but they were outside for many hours. 

I hope the sight of these crazy muddy children brought a little joy to your day...
 i know they brought plenty in to mine.

(the clean one is a sweet neighbor boy from down the road... the crazy muddy four are mine)
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