Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a laugh for the new year?

i took these photos at the end of summer. hilarious or what? how did i get my children to smash their faces into a window so i could take pictures you ask? well, i bribed them with popsicles. yes. yes i did. i wasn't just being cruel. i really had a reason to take these photos. you see we have this random cabinet at the top of the stairs and the doors have windows. it is one of those cabinets that is always messy and i had decided that i needed to do something about it. i'm not sure how i got the idea... but i thought wouldn't it be funny if there were pictures of maiko and layla in there like a frame with their faces smashed like they were trying to get out? not quite sure what i was thinking but it would be funny, right?
as you can see from the photos... maiko wasn't so sure about smashing his face into the glass.... but layla.... oh goodness..... she was into it alright. and now, even if these photos never make it into that cabinet they will still give me, and you, a laugh every time we bring up this page.

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