Monday, January 26, 2015

filling blank space

doesn't it feel good to fill a blank space?

this wall really needed something... so we filled it.
 the little ladies helped. it's not perfect, but it is an improvement.

next, we plan to start on the flower beds... with no chickens to scratch them up this year... i plan to plant my heart out. i must admit though, i was feeling very sentimental over little chicks recently.... mostly because of this postthis post, and especially this postthis post, and this post.... aaaahhh.... i MUST be strong! i need to give myself at least a FULL year off from them... and most importantly... when we do get chickens again i want to do things differently. i want to build them a coop someplace away from the yard, and fence them out of it! no more scratched up flowers, and no more poopy porches... i know i can't take anymore of that. so, a break it is... for now.

if your dying to see some baby chick pics.... since i sadly don't have any for you this year... click on the links i posted above.... sweet, adorable, fuzzy, little chicks (and kids)... enjoy.


Kim said...

Your wall looks lovely, and I love that quote.

Chickens can do some damage to the gardens, can't they? We have a couple of garden areas fenced off from the chickens, but still need to do some more.

jenny said...

thank you kim :) and yes, they can really do a lot of damage... and just make an all around HUGE mess! :)

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